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Marina Koloeridi Art Studio is a business that provides art services to private persons, businesses and churches in North Atlanta Metro aria. Interesting projects or art services, which doesn't require on site visits, are available through out continental US.

Our leading artist Marina Koloeridi is a prodigy in every sense of the word, receiving her first award at the age of four and began her professional training when she was six. She completed her first professional exhibition at the tender age of 14 and was admitted to the Academy of Arts when she was only 15.

She perfected her natural talent by over 20 years of study in Europe, where she learned the techniques of the Renaissance masters. Her studies encompassed a wide range of artistic expression, sculptures, frescoes, portraits and ceramics to name a few. And then went on to develop her own technique.

Her works are found in private collections and some of the most famous museums in nations throughout the world, in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Greece and Denmark as well as on the famous "Red Square" in Moscow. She has completed numerous projects in interior and exterior design, created artwork for many churches and commercial buildings as well as illustrating numerous books in addition to her prolific career as artistic painter.

Marina is now available to apply her talent to a wide range of large and small artistic endeavors for you. She can beautify your home, office, church or other building with a breathtaking fresco, mural, or faux finish, immortalize a loved one in a stunningly beautiful color or black-and-white portrait from a "live" sitting or from a photograph, changing the hairstyles or clothing if desired.

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